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Featured Lifestyle Events in 2011 at at Hedonism II, Jamaica:

Goddess Week (March 5-12) - In celebration of International Womens Day
Big On The Beach (June 11-18) - Size Sometimes Does Matter! A Plus size event at Hedonism II
Colorful Fantasies (Aug 13-20) - Variety is the Spice of Life!
Hedonism Fest (Nov 11-20) - Join the Biggest Lifestyle Party at Hedo!
Swingers Club Name: Tennessee Temptations
Swingers Club Location: Johnson City, TN   37601
Phone Number:   
Email: Host@TennesseeTemptations.com  
Contact Name:
Web Site: www.TennesseeTemptations.com

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Come Party with us at TnT where we will be hosting the sexiest hottest party in the Tri-Cities area. When coming into our 3,000+ square foot PRIVATE party you will be greeted by your sexy hosts and and given a tour of the location if needed. Where you will see and hear the professional DJ sounds, and lighting coming from all around. The large wooden dance floor and raised stage really gives you the space you need to show off all your moves. Since this is a BYOB party you will find plenty of complimentary non-alcoholic mixers and munchies for your convenience.

Some of the exciting things about our parties

Larger space then other parties Real large wooden dance floor

Professional Audio Equipment 2 Dancer Poles

Raised Stage Comfortable Seating

Back Rooms Laser Light Show

Dressing Room Giveaways at every party

and many other things that we will be doing later
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